Install Server Configuration

Provide a server that fits your actual needs.

If you have your own business and you use computer networks and their facilities, you are most likely faced with the challenge of buying the right server and how much you have to pay for it.

In many small and large companies, we see the use of various servers that have been used as the central point of service in the network, but the main question that confuses many people is:

What server do you really need for your business? Disaco Company with years of experience in installing and setting up various servers for small and large companies can help you in this field. What we can do in this section is a summary of the following:

  • Installation and commissioning of HP, DELL, SUPERMICR servers
  • Warranty on all servers provided for specified periods of time
  • Upgrade existing server hardware to take advantage of available features
  • Install the server software and perform all required settings
  • Support and maintenance of commissioned equipment

Server virtualization

We will help you to use and understand virtualization better.

More and more companies are turning to server and desktop virtualization. The use of virtualization technology helps to reduce the costs of corporate IT departments and the optimal use of available resources and hardware, and significantly reduces the time of unavailability or downtime of servers. In addition, monitoring and management of virtualization-based servers are done with greater quality and ease.

Using virtualization on servers, for example, if you have 4 physical servers with sales software on one, financial software on the other, and Internet automation and management software on the other servers, you can Instead of all these servers, use a server on which the virtualization platform is located and turn these servers into 4 virtual servers.

Disaco Company, with years of presence in the information technology industry in the EU and successful implementation of various virtualization projects on a small and large scale, as one of the leading companies in this field, can be with you as a consultant and executor of virtualization projects.

Some of the services of Disaco in this section:

  • Providing advice on the efficient use of virtualization technology in companies and organizations
  • Installation of VMWARE ESXI virtualization infrastructure, MICROSOFT HYPER V, CITRIX
  • Transfer existing physical servers to the virtual platform
  • Upgrade existing virtualization services and upgrade to the latest available versions
  • Support and maintenance of virtualization platforms

A virtual server provides the hardware features of a dedicated server in both software and virtualization. If for any reason you need a dedicated server, but it is not possible to pay or justify it financially in your institution or organization, you can use this service.Using very powerful and advanced hardware, this service divides a physical server into five servers with the same or different features.

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