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Managed Services by Disaco

Our administrators ensure the secure operation and constant availability of your applications. Managed Services from the immediately usable product to the highly individual service.

The term “managed services” covers a whole range of recurring IT services that go hand in hand with a considerable saving of resources for customers. This especially applies to managed hosting where customers are able to rent dedicated servers and the associated hardware while placing their administration in the hands of a professional service provider

Service levels

With Disaco, IT companies have the option of using complete managed services at all service levels without having to invest in their own infrastructure and additional know-how. Individual agreements regulate the quality of the service with up to 99.999% guaranteed availability per year. With these universally managed services, Disaco primarily addresses medium-sized companies for which operating their own data center would not make economic sense. The managed services of our “Full Managed Services” comprise several levels, which often complement one another.

Security and provision - all around the clock

In addition to customised data centre and IT services, Disaco offers a wide range of standardised managed services.
With the managed services provided in the data centres, you save time, costs and effort. Our offer ranges from simple remote maintenance services (remote hands) to managed hosting and so-called full-managed solutions. By booking managed services, you free yourself from many recurring, labor-intensive IT tasks. This allows you to focus better on your core business and your actual corporate goals.

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